Our most popular design package – the DIY Dream Design Package that is delivered to you completed digitally. Giving you a way to work with us, while having the flexibility to order and implement items and have the satisfaction of creating a room of dreams for your little ones. Your bespoke design will become a reality within 4 weeks, here's what you will receive:  

- Client Brief Pack 
To get clear on your wants, wishes and needs
- 2 Creative calls
 Step by step support to measure your space + guidance on how to implement and style your room once you have received your chosen furniture and accessories  
- Digital Design 
 A Mood board to help you visualise the theme, chosen colours and materials
- Furniture Scheme 
A visual Mood board of chosen furniture and accessories within your budget 
- Furniture Layouts
Go-to guide to placing all your new furniture to make the best use of your space 
- Shopping List 
Direct links to purchase all items 
- 1 Revision if required

Click here to see a full break down of the DIY Dream Design Package.

Please note this is for one standard sized room only.


Build + bespoke full design 

DIY dream design package 

Ideas consultation

This package is for those that need more help from start to finish designing the space. The Full Design Package will include the same as the DIY Dream Design Package however the concepts of each space will be presented face to face as opposed to digitally if you wish. We will work closely with yourself and our joiners to create something unique that makes the best use of your space as well as aesthetically pleasing, practical and function well for the desired space. You will benefit from trade discounts where possible with this package and we will take the ordering and delivery of all furniture and accessories off your hands through to installation. 

Priced from £2500 but subject to the scope of work required per room.

This design package is here if you just require some ideas for your children's space, maybe its the layout you struggle with or the colour scheme. I will spend a few hours with you to get a good idea of the space and provide some useful ideas to take forward if you wish. It would be helpful if you could send over images and/or the floor plan of the room before our meeting!

Please note this is for one average sized room only 

Design Packages

Themed rooms 

Girly Girl


Boy Zone


We know every child is different, Which theme below can best relate to your child? We have created a selection of themed room packages ranging from traditional designs to more out there spaces. These are ideal if you want a quick decorative make over and would like a go-to list to source all the items to recreate your chosen room with ease. 

If you would require more bespoke help, no problem, check out what other services we can offer you below.


Book a free 15min CONSULTATION here 

Frequently asked questions

We will always start with a face to face initial consultation. This is so important to us to get to know yourself, your children, what exactly you want, like and dislike, inspirational images etc. The more we can discuss in this initial meeting the better! If you are looking for the full design package then we will go away and write up exactly what was discussed and a quote for the scale of work before coming up with a concept and scheme for the rooms worked on, followed by layouts, technical drawings, 2D visual drawings (if required) ordering of items and arranging delivery and installation. If you choose the digital package is right for you then we will take a 50% deposit  before sending you a full concept, mood board, furniture schemes and layouts followed by a shopping list of all items for you to purchase in your own time! Every project is different and therefore the time scale can range from client to client from a few weeks (Digital Packages)  to 2-6 months for the Full Design package. 

What is the design process and time scale? 

No, hiring an interior designer can seem only like a luxury but we choose to work with a range of clients. We have a range of packages for this exact reason and will always try to work around your needs to get you exactly what you want. Whether that is just a few ideas for a space, a digital design pack and suggestions for a makeover or taking over the whole process from start to finish.

is hiring an interior DESIGNer going to break the bank?

You may already have good taste and know exactly what you want and have all these great ideas but it never actually gets done. I've found a lot of my clients just don't have the time to source the right items or know where to start. If this sounds like you then we can help! You may have a difficult space to work with ? Too many ideas? No idea how to bring everything together into a cohesive scheme? If so, then an interior designer can help you!

Do i need an interior designer? 

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